Psyduck had this song in his head all day. Thanks McDonald’s!

Clearly, updating this blog is epic fail for Psyduck, so he’s decided to try this Twitter thing that all the kids are talking about these days. You can follow Psyduck at, and you can also follow the feed directly from this blog. Just peep the column on the right and see him go crazy with 140 characters.

Today’s Music Minute is from the Swedish dance/pop singer September. The video is kinda dorky, but the song is good.  Enjoy.

Okay people. This was one of the funniest commercials from the Olympics. Where’s the Beef has nothing on Chicken for Breakfast.

Psyduck likes water. Michael Phelps likes water. Psyduck has zero medals. Michael Phelps has a lot of medals. Psyduck will get in the pool tomorrow.

Congratulations Michael!


Happy April everyone! Today, Psyduck peered deep into the mailbag and pulled out a letter from Jessica in Naples, Italy. Jessica writes:

“Hi Psyduck. I’m listening to my iPod right now and I wanted to know if Psyducks listen to music, too? I think they do, but my friends think I’m crazy.”

Thanks for your note, Jessica. To answer your question, Psyducks listen to music quite often. Just like with people, though, different Psyducks listen to different things. For example, Psyduck’s uncle Jim likes classic rock and the sounds of nature found on his alarm clock. Psyduck’s grandma, on the other hand, listens to Benny Goodman and Snow — she really likes that song Informer.

Psyduck is a big fan of music and his interests run the gamut from dance to oldies to taiko drums. Since Psyduck is often a duck on the move, you can generally find him blankly staring along to the tunes on his Zune. Psyduck was considering an iPod, but he had a bit of trouble using that iPod click wheel, so he went with the Zune and its sexy touch pad.


It took 20 years to make an ’80s cover this good

Going back to music. For the past few weeks, Psyduck has been on a steady musical diet of Kylie Minogue. Kylie’s new album, X, was released last week in America (it’s been out since 11/2007 in other parts of the world) and Psyduck has been dancing to the tunes non-stop. Psyduck really likes this album and thinks it’s one of Kylie’s best to date. Sadly, it looks like many people in the U.S. don’t share Psyduck’s sentiments as the initial sales weren’t so hot. Peep this Kylie fan site for the info: The Impossible Princess. Psyduck’s professional opinion on this matter is that most people in America have no clue that Kylie is still making music, and as such, they have no clue that she has a new album out. These people are clearly living in a sad musical world.

Jessica, because Psyduck is all about educating the musically deprived, and because he’s about giving back, he’s posting a video for one of the best songs from the album. Enjoy.

Kylie Minogue – In My Arms

Thanks for writing, Jessica. As always, a great big thanks to all of you who’ve been e-mailing Psyduck with your questions, comments and blog ideas.


Happy 3-11 Day Everyone!

Psyduck will spend the day listening to his favorite band, requesting 311 songs from the local radio stations and spreading the good word of 311 to all who’ll listen!


Sadly, Psyduck wasn’t able to join the 13,500 fans going out to New Orleans for the massive 3-11 Day concert, but he hopes everyone has a great time and stays safe.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with 311, check out their website,, for all the latest news on the band. While you’re there, be sure to check out their home videos, music videos, pictures, band history and free songs.

Still don’t know them, then peep these videos:

Classic 311 – Down

New 311 – Don’t Tread on Me

It’s time for everyone’s favorite feature: Psyduck’s Mail Bag. Today’s question for Psyduck comes from Samantha in Los Angeles, CA. Samantha writes:

“Hi Psyduck. I want to know how you manage your ideas for your blog. Do you write ideas in a notebook, or do you just start typing and see where that takes you?”

Thanks for your question, Samantha. Psyduck is a duck with many things on his mind, so keeping a notebook is essential for Psyduck and this blog. When he was younger, Psyduck would write his notes on random scraps of paper that would eventually get lost or clutter his desk. After losing one too many important notes about the Pokemon filming schedule, Psyduck got his act together and started keeping a notebook. He started with a typical spiral notebook, but that gave him flashbacks of school, so he quickly moved on to the more stylish and sophisticated Moleskine.


The Moleskine family of notebooks is quite extensive, Samantha, so definitely do some research before you go shopping to be sure you pick the right notebook for you. As a starting point, Psyduck’s favorites at the moment are the the Pocket Storyboard Notebook and the Plain Large Notebook.


The Pocket Storyboard Notebook is a winner for Psyduck because it’s a smaller notebook that he can carry with him on his daily travels. The pages in the Storyboard are thicker than the normal notebooks so he can freely write and sketch with his favorite pens without worrying about the ink bleeding through the pages.

Here is Psyduck starting a new Storyboard notebook by writing in his contact information in the front page. The reward for finding his notebook is Collon.


When Psyduck is at home, he likes to use the Plain Large Notebook for all his writing, sketching and blog preparing.


He especially likes the large notebook because he can stand on it and really get a feel for the project at hand. It’s kinda like Tom Hanks playing the floor piano in Big.


So as you can see, Samantha, between these two notebooks, Psyduck is a well-organized blogging fool.

That wraps it up for this edition of Psyduck’s Mail Bag. Thanks again for your e-mail, Samantha. An as always, a big thanks to all of you who’ve been e-mailing Psyduck with your questions. Keep on hitting that send button and maybe you can be featured in the next edition of Psyduck’s Mail Bag.

Psyduck welcomes you to his Saturday Night Dance Party.

Typically, Psyduck is a very serious yellow duck busy with important Psyduck projects that leave him little room for frivolous activities like dancing or eating Collon. Well, there’s always time for Collon…and dancing, so maybe he’s not as serious as he likes to think.

Anyway, Psyduck wants all of you to feel the groove and retro energy with this classic dance anthem called The Chase. This is actually a Jam & Spoon remix of a ’70s ditty by Giorgio Moroder from the movie Midnight Express. A Psyduck warning, though, before you feast your eyes on the YouTube: the video is a little different and weird, borrowing heavily from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning, so don’t go writing hate-mail to Psyduck because you were permanently scarred from seeing Studio 54-like debauchery, hmmm-k? Good.

Now, then, enjoy the video.

Well, Psyduck sure as hell took his sweet-ass time on this auto show blog, didn’t he? I kept telling him to get working on those photos; that people are waiting for his report. But did he listen? Nope. Got all diva until he was good and ready to blog. So finally, here we are. The auto show was months ago, but you can relive all the vehicular excitement right here, right now through the (blank) eyes of everyone’s favorite little duck.

So Psyduck really likes going to the auto show because there are lots of shiny cars of the luxury variety for him to pose next to without the hassle of dealers trying to sell him a ride. Before he checked out the cars, though, Psyduck went in search of a modern and trendy “welcome sign” that would accurately capture the vibe of this ginormous auto show. Instead, all he got was this ghetto poster that looks like it was borrowed from the K-mart auto shop. It was really sad.

More thought went into designing me than the sign.

No worries. A crappy little sign wasn’t going to hamper all the vehicular fun awaiting our yellow little friend. No way. Especially not after he ran into this beauty around the corner.

I have my own website? I had no idea!

And behind that sign was this:

Someone needs to can the chick and bring in the real yellow model.

During these photo shoots for the people, some of Psyduck’s fans couldn’t contain themselves behind the barricades. This young man rushed towards poor Psyduck and had to be brought back by his sensible girlfriend. Psyduck later autographed his hat.

No, Jimmy. Psyduck can’t talk to you now.

In keeping with the yellow theme, Psyduck navigated through the packed crowd towards several yellow showpieces.

A Psy and his horse.

The Psy Charger.

Along the way, Psyduck saw a car that would be more comfortable at a Star Wars convention.

Lovingly painted by Darth Maul.

So yeah, the show was packed with cars and people. At times, it was like navigating through a can of sardines. People would stand around and point at fancy things like doors and hoods. Others would stand in line so they could touch those fancy doors and hoods. Some even went as far as sitting at the back of the car and daydreaming about tailgating. It was very inspirational.

Wow. I can’t believe we’re in the same room with these cars.

Not everything was touchable, though. The show had plenty of cars that most people can’t afford, even if they sell their left kidney.

Got Luxury?

This car was so popular, even the Grand Canyon stopped by to look.

In addition to the luxury rides, there were other cool cars on hand. Anyone remember the Ghostbusters? Yup, their station wagon was there. Also, bet you didn’t know that Paul McCartney teamed up with Lexus to create a special SUV sporting his signature guitar. Hope real leather wasn’t used in that model.

Who you gonna call?

For those not content with just looking and touching cars, there was the option to get behind the wheel and drive. A section of the auto show was set aside for an obstacle course for people to really get the feel of the car by driving 2 m.p.h in a climate controlled environment. Unfortunately, Psyduck couldn’t join the fun because of height restrictions. This is why Psyduck doesn’t go to Great America.

This is the biggest hill around. Enjoy it while you can!

There was one more modeling obligation Psyduck had to fulfill during the show. In this picture Psyduck was asked to use the restaurant fight scene from Kill Bill as inspiration for the shot. Do you feel it?

The dance floor quickly cleared after Psyduck demonstrated his five-point-palm exploding heart technique.

Yes, it’s definitely a fantastic shot, but here’s some Pop-Up Video info you didn’t know. During the shoot, a young fan kept walking onto the set and asking stupid questions. Eventually, security was called.

I want to be famous, too!

In today’s modern age, no convention would be complete without video games, and the Chicago Auto Show was no exception. Granted, most of the games were car-related, but it was still great to know that impressionable young children got their game on away from home. Plus, it’s always heartwarming to see kids picking their nose and then touching the controller. It’s good to be one with technology. With that in mind, Psyduck didn’t try any games himself, but instead opted to stand back and take pictures for his friends–risking his life, mind you, as parents weren’t too thrilled with some crazy duck taking pictures of their kids.

Anyway, some of the games Psyduck saw at the show were: Need for Speed: Most Wanted, stationed by Ford, Grand Turismo, stationed by Subaru, and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, stationed by Jeep. What? Tony Hawk? Yup. Fans of the series no doubt know that Jeep has been letting virtual skaters grind on their product for years, so running the game at the show was almost expected. Psyduck was hoping that demos of the game would be available, but sadly, all that was offered was some shitty Jeep CD featuring music from super-hot Hootie and the Blowfish, and a few crappy PC games that will probably install Jeep spyware to find out if you’re a Jeep loyalist, or if you’re really just a turncoat who’s driving the Paul McCartney Lexus SUV.

Who needs E3 when you’ve got an auto show?

As if that wasn’t enough, Psyduck happened upon another gaming hotspot behind this great behemoth.

Oh yeah? You and what army?

That’s right, tucked away behind the tank was a whole corner devoted to everyone’s favorite game: America’s Army. On one side, a tent was set up that housed at least 15 PCs running the game, while a plasma TV stationed outside the tent let people see games in progress. On the other side of the corner, a Hummer made sure visitors knew that people in the Special Forces have big, scary guns.

America’s Army: Coming to a convention near you!

Not one to miss a photo op with anything yellow, Psyduck quickly scrambled onto the Hummer for these Kodak moments:

Menacing, yes?

Why you up in my grille, yo?

Oh yeah, Psyduck saw this, too.

Pages upon pages of game reviews are in this car.

Well, that’s it. Psyduck hopes you had a great time reading and viewing his auto show blog! Our happy little photo-blogger is anxiously looking forward to his next project, so for now he’ll say goodbye by blatantly ripping off the 20/20 closing: He’ll stay in touch, so you stay in touch!

Puny cars, I crush you.

Psyduck is proud to present the very popular and very cool Punisher Car Blog. You’ll have to excuse the delay, as it’s quite cumbersome to type with flippers. Anyway, for those of you who haven’t visited my page in a while, Psyduck had the pleasure of chillin’ in L.A. earlier this summer, and some of his (mis)adventures have been chronicled for this blog.

Should I part this to the left or to the right?

So Psy noticed that people in this west coast city love them some automobiles. Walking in L.A.? Yeah right, nobody walks in L.A., except the tourists.

Beavis called. He wants his feet back.

And while Psy loves to peoplewatch and to take pictures of random strangers, he decided that while he was in this car town, he’d spend some time carwatching. Unfortunately, his first outing yielded no results. Strange, but true.

Hmm. Lots of trees; no cars.

Undeterred, Psy went to a local hangout to learn more about these mechanical beasts.

Rims not spinnin’? Something up in your grill? Git yo’ ass to the car spa n’ chill.

After his visit at the Car Spa, Psy had the 411 to go out on his own. His first stop? One of the local freeways.


Watching the cars from a distance was okay, but Psy really wanted to experience freeway thrills firsthand. So he borrowed some wheels from a friend and promptly tore up the road.

Proudly held together with duct tape since 1979.

Psy’s speedy ride prompted much jealousy and envy from fellow drivers. Even this clown was ready to trade in his ride.

Wow! Just like Outrun!

Tommy Vercetti loses another cell phone.

After a few miles of racing, Psy let the old man win.

Hey, where’s the girl? Did she fall out somewhere along the way?

Besides, he had to let him go. After all, the geezer had to chase down his stolen chairs

Who said musical chairs aren’t hot anymore?

Sadly, the freeway fun had to come to an end, so Psy hit the surface streets in search of more cars. What luck! Psy hit the car jackpot within minutes. Just look at the luxury Psy found.

Old-school pimpness

The Fast and the Furious circa 1941. Grandpa sold separately.

New-school pimpness

Starring in a rap video near you.

Totally stoked on the pimp rides he saw so far, Psy was ready to wrap up his day and go home. As he turned the corner, lady luck threw him another surprise. There, in front of his beady, blank eyes was a car officially “pimped” by the gods of West Coast Customs. Huzzah! The one, the only: the Punisher car.

Sexy from the left.

Sexy from the back.

Sexy from the right.

Psy was overjoyed. First order of business: take pictures of himself next to the car

Skull by day, Grievous by night.

It’s one thing to be next to the car, but a real enthusiast would do more. Thus, it was time to one up the challenge and sprawl on the car itself. So risking life and wing, Psy casually wandered closer to the car and did this:

Oh, to live dangerously.

Mr. Psyduck > Mr. Badd Guy

After the encounter with the Punisher car, it was time to call it a day. As Psyduck sat back to ponder the day’s events, he found a seat facing the street. Ahhh…beautiful cars, how I love thee.

Bow down to Psyzilla.

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