Who knew that blogging and Twittering is nearly impossible from within the Pokewalker?  Since the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, Psyduck has been spending a lot of time in the confines of a Pokewalker. His goal was to update the world on his marvelous Pokewalker adventures, like the time he spent wandering through Noisy Forest looking for ninjas with Wobbuffet, or his week-long surfing adventure at Beautiful Beach.  Sadly, though,  modern technology won’t let him send out crap from the Pokewalker, so he spent his free time playing Animal Crossing on the DS.

For the record, Tom Nook is an ass.

Here is a video to hold you over until the next post. It’s from Benny Goodman. OMG!! Mad Skillz, they has it.

Psyduck is excited! Can you tell?


Why is Psyduck excited?

Psyduck is excited because his Moleskine blog from last week was featured on Moleskinerie, a very popular and informative Moleskine fansite/blog. Psyduck has been a fan of Moleskinerie for a long time and to be mentioned on that site makes Psyduck feel very happy. Just look at the joy in his eyes.

In other news, Psyduck finally got his Xbox 360 back and has been busy playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat. Psyduck was going to start with Halo 3, but after Psyduck played the Call of Duty beta last month, and after learning that COD4 has a much shorter single player campaign than Halo 3, he knew that he’d play that game first and then move on to Master Chief. However, Psyduck will probably not spend too much time online in Halo 3 because there are just too many smart-ass punks like Ash and Misty ruining playing that game. Instead, Psyduck will be calling in air strikes in COD4.

Today, Psyduck wants to spend a few minutes on one of his favorite hobbies: video games. That’s right, when Psyduck is not writing in his Moleskine or eating generous helpings of Collon, he’s focusing his beady Psyduck eyes on the TV and playing teh games.

Of course, when people learn that Psyduck is an avid gamer, the first question is always, “do you play Pokemon?” Yes. Psyduck plays Pokemon, but because he grew up on the set, he doesn’t play it as much anymore. Instead, Psyduck spends most of his time with the new crop of systems like the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Psyduck also enjoys portable games like Harvest Moon for the DS and GTA for the PSP.

Psyduck occasionally fires up the PS2, though as of late it’s been hibernating. Still, Psyduck is considering the PS2 again to try out Odin Sphere. The game has received overwhelming reviews and it would be interesting to step back into the 2d gaming world after spending the past few years in 3d . Psyduck loves awesome graphics, and even though some of the sweetest visuals can found on the current crop of consoles, one can’t discount the beauty that is Odin Sphere. Perhaps Santa Psyduck (no relation) will leave the game in Psyduck’s stockings.

Another game Psyduck is itching to try is Mass Effect. The reviews have been pretty positive on this title, too, so Santa Psyduck might have to pick that up with Odin Sphere. Psyduck doesn’t normally play RPGs, but Mass Effect seems to really push the envelope of what an RPG can do, so curiosity is really getting the best of Psyduck.

Other than that, Psyduck is really looking forward to playing games he already owns but can’t play because his Xbox 360 is following the footsteps of the writers’ strike and is picketing with the Red Ring of Death. Sadly, Psyduck has gone through multiple consoles in recent months, and has been unable to play some of the choice titles of the fall like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. Needless to say, Psyduck has very special feelings for Microsoft and the Xbox, but blogging about those feelings will have to wait until Psyduck is finished with his therapy and can write more than five words without swearing. After all, this is a family blog and Psyduck tries to refrain from colorful sailor language.


Xbox Red Ring of Death Return # 452: A game comes in and an Xbox goes out.

Call of Duty 4 is at the top of his list of games to play when the console returns. Master Chief and the world of Halo 3 is a must, too, but there aren’t any knives or dogs in Halo 3. COD4 has both! Don’t ask. Some things are better left unanswered.

With all these great games out, Psyduck wonders why other companies still try to compete during the holiday rush. A game like Blacksite: Area 51 will probably get overlooked by most gamers, but if it was an early fall or early spring release, it would’ve fared better. What are these companies thinking? Psyduck not know.

By the way, what do you guys think about Halo: The Flood? Psyduck has mixed feelings about all this.

It’s time for everyone’s favorite feature: Psyduck’s Mail Bag. Today’s question for Psyduck comes from Samantha in Los Angeles, CA. Samantha writes:

“Hi Psyduck. I want to know how you manage your ideas for your blog. Do you write ideas in a notebook, or do you just start typing and see where that takes you?”

Thanks for your question, Samantha. Psyduck is a duck with many things on his mind, so keeping a notebook is essential for Psyduck and this blog. When he was younger, Psyduck would write his notes on random scraps of paper that would eventually get lost or clutter his desk. After losing one too many important notes about the Pokemon filming schedule, Psyduck got his act together and started keeping a notebook. He started with a typical spiral notebook, but that gave him flashbacks of school, so he quickly moved on to the more stylish and sophisticated Moleskine.


The Moleskine family of notebooks is quite extensive, Samantha, so definitely do some research before you go shopping to be sure you pick the right notebook for you. As a starting point, Psyduck’s favorites at the moment are the the Pocket Storyboard Notebook and the Plain Large Notebook.


The Pocket Storyboard Notebook is a winner for Psyduck because it’s a smaller notebook that he can carry with him on his daily travels. The pages in the Storyboard are thicker than the normal notebooks so he can freely write and sketch with his favorite pens without worrying about the ink bleeding through the pages.

Here is Psyduck starting a new Storyboard notebook by writing in his contact information in the front page. The reward for finding his notebook is Collon.


When Psyduck is at home, he likes to use the Plain Large Notebook for all his writing, sketching and blog preparing.


He especially likes the large notebook because he can stand on it and really get a feel for the project at hand. It’s kinda like Tom Hanks playing the floor piano in Big.


So as you can see, Samantha, between these two notebooks, Psyduck is a well-organized blogging fool.

That wraps it up for this edition of Psyduck’s Mail Bag. Thanks again for your e-mail, Samantha. An as always, a big thanks to all of you who’ve been e-mailing Psyduck with your questions. Keep on hitting that send button and maybe you can be featured in the next edition of Psyduck’s Mail Bag.


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