It’s time for everyone’s favorite feature: Psyduck’s Mail Bag. Today’s question for Psyduck comes from Samantha in Los Angeles, CA. Samantha writes:

“Hi Psyduck. I want to know how you manage your ideas for your blog. Do you write ideas in a notebook, or do you just start typing and see where that takes you?”

Thanks for your question, Samantha. Psyduck is a duck with many things on his mind, so keeping a notebook is essential for Psyduck and this blog. When he was younger, Psyduck would write his notes on random scraps of paper that would eventually get lost or clutter his desk. After losing one too many important notes about the Pokemon filming schedule, Psyduck got his act together and started keeping a notebook. He started with a typical spiral notebook, but that gave him flashbacks of school, so he quickly moved on to the more stylish and sophisticated Moleskine.


The Moleskine family of notebooks is quite extensive, Samantha, so definitely do some research before you go shopping to be sure you pick the right notebook for you. As a starting point, Psyduck’s favorites at the moment are the the Pocket Storyboard Notebook and the Plain Large Notebook.


The Pocket Storyboard Notebook is a winner for Psyduck because it’s a smaller notebook that he can carry with him on his daily travels. The pages in the Storyboard are thicker than the normal notebooks so he can freely write and sketch with his favorite pens without worrying about the ink bleeding through the pages.

Here is Psyduck starting a new Storyboard notebook by writing in his contact information in the front page. The reward for finding his notebook is Collon.


When Psyduck is at home, he likes to use the Plain Large Notebook for all his writing, sketching and blog preparing.


He especially likes the large notebook because he can stand on it and really get a feel for the project at hand. It’s kinda like Tom Hanks playing the floor piano in Big.


So as you can see, Samantha, between these two notebooks, Psyduck is a well-organized blogging fool.

That wraps it up for this edition of Psyduck’s Mail Bag. Thanks again for your e-mail, Samantha. An as always, a big thanks to all of you who’ve been e-mailing Psyduck with your questions. Keep on hitting that send button and maybe you can be featured in the next edition of Psyduck’s Mail Bag.

Today Psyduck is reaching into his mail bag to answer reader questions. Today’s question comes from James in Birmingham, England. James writes:

“Psyduck, what are your favorite snacks? Are you into potato chips and pizza, or do you stay healthy with apples and carrots?”

Thanks for your question, James. Psyduck snacks on a lot of different foods, but he tends to snack more on sweets than fruits and veggies. He likes his apples, carrots and corn, to be sure, but he’s always ready to give you a Psyduck stare for a few good sweets. Unlike people, Psyducks have a great metabolism that helps them stay thin. Psyduck might seem portly, but remember, pictures always add extra pounds; Psyduck is actually in excellent health. Another plus is that Psyduck’s teeth are made of ultra-durable material that’s resistant to cavities. He still brushes his teeth, though, because that fights bad breath. Psyducks are known for their pleasant breath.

Since Psyduck really liked your e-mail, James, he took photos next to two of his favorite sweet snacks. The first one is called Venezuela Bitter and it’s the finest dark chocolate Psyduck has found in his never ending quest for the finest dark chocolate of the dark chocolate world. What makes this chocolate especially tasty is the description on the box:

“Chocolate in its truest form maximized for great taste with the pleasant essence of the cacao bean.”


Another one of Psyduck’s favorite sweets is Collon. Yes, Collon. He likes it not so much for its super flavor, but rather, for its crazy name. Who wouldn’t want Collon, huh? Anyway, Psyduck always has Collon with him for those ice-breaker conversations at the actor’s studio, talent meeting and elevator. It always works for him, so he advises that you carry Collon around with you all the time, too, James.



Thanks again for the e-mail, James. And thanks to all of you who’ve been e-mailing Psyduck with your questions. Keep ‘em coming, and maybe you can be featured in the next edition of Psyduck’s Mail Bag.


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