Psyduck likes water. Michael Phelps likes water. Psyduck has zero medals. Michael Phelps has a lot of medals. Psyduck will get in the pool tomorrow.

Congratulations Michael!


Where are you, Psyduck? What are you doing? Why aren’t you blogging more? Why should I even bother visiting this blog?


But, yes, those are all valid concerns, and Psyduck appreciates all the e-mails he’s received, both positive and, well, some that’s not so positive. With that, Psyduck’s New May Resolution is to blog more often for the audience that has been faithfully visiting these pages over the past year.

So on with the blog…

Over the past few months, Psyduck was fortunate enough to find several Moleskine City Notebooks on sale at a few local art stores. For those of you unfamiliar with the City Notebooks, they are Moleskine’s version of the D-I-Y travel guide: You get the same fantastic and durable Moleskine notebook, but with the added benefit of a map and street index for whatever city you’ve picked. The blank pages within the City Notebook are broken down into various categories for you to record your adventures in shopping, food, hotels, etc. The only downside to these books is the map; for many cities, the publishers only included a relevant map for a city center, or nearby area. If you are someone who is interested in really exploring a city, you’re best bet is to pick up a real map of the city and keep that with your book. Considering how small the City Notebook is, though, it’s understandable that they had to limit the size of the map.

Anyway, Psyduck had been staring at these books for a while, but with a price tag of almost $20, Psyduck knew that he could spend his hard-earned Pokemon cash on just a few select cities. But one day when his art supplies were low, Psyduck stopped at a few art stores and saw that a slew of City Books were discounted to prices so low, he thought he time-warped back to the 1950s. Psyduck knows the ’50s had super-low prices because Psyduck’s grandpa always told him lots of “back-in-the-day” stories…though Psyduck had a hard time believing that his grandpa went to school uphill both ways. Huh? Back to the books, so instead of paying $20 per book, Psyduck saw that his 1950s price was less than $3 for each book! W00t! Savings FTW!

So, yes, Psyduck bought himself many City Books. Peep the photos:



Psyduck, of course, is a world traveler, so he’ll no doubt make good use of these books soon.

In other news, Psyduck has been spending quality time with his 360 playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and GTA4.

A few quick thoughts on both games…

Rainbow Six Vegas 2: The developers pretty much ruined the fun of online multiplayer by allowing random spawn points. To be fair, there have always been issues with spawn campers in the Rainbow games, but any decent team could always free themselves from campers and change the flow of the game. By allowing random spawns, the developers essentially created a slower version of COD4. Nothing against COD4, mind you, as it is an awesome, awesome game, but why does Psyduck need COD4 in his Rainbow Six? If Psyduck wanted to play COD4, then he’d go and play COD4; he wouldn’t fire up Rainbow Six for the COD experience.

GTA4: This is a very, very good game, but it’s not anywhere near a 10. Psyduck has been visiting with the GTA hooligans since Claude ran the show in Liberty City, and Psyduck was expecting some of the fundamental mechanics of the game to be fixed. Walking, running, aiming, shooting — all of those, as well as a few other things, needed to be perfect in this version, and they weren’t. No matter how big the city is, or how pretty the city is, or how alive it feels, all of that is for naught because you are essentially using ancient PS2 mechanics and controls to move Niko through this modern city. Psyduck is impressed with the scale of GTA4, but Psyduck cannot overlook the reality of poor controls. Psyduck is a bit of a hardass about these things.

General Blog News for May

Attention all fashionistas reading this blog: With summer almost upon us, there’s always a need for that special T-shirt to wear to a concert, BBQ or a casual stroll to your local game store. Since your tastes aren’t always available in department stores, be sure to check out the cool shirts made by Reese Ward at this site.

Psyduck wants to introduce you to a new feature in his blogs called Psyduck’s Music Minute. Everyone loves music, and Psyduck is no exception. His tastes span continents and generations, so with the Music Minute, Psyduck’s goal is to bring you clips of tunes he’s diggin’ at any given moment. If you have any Music Minute suggestions for Psyduck, drop him a note and he’ll do his best to post your choices in his next blog.

Today’s Music Minute takes you back to the ’90s with L.A. Style and their hit song, James Brown is Dead.

Hello patient Psyduck fans! Our happy little duck has been away from his keyboard these past few months listening to the one and only Edith Piaf and playing some wicked games on his Xbox 360. He’s gone through Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and the challenging, but fun Surf’s Up! Also in the mix were Project Gotham 4 and Skate. Not one to just indulge in single-player fare, Psyduck pwned the competition online in Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. So which does Psyduck like more? Well, while both are great games and bring a unique and different story to the masses, Psyduck’s heart belongs to Call of Duty 4. While there might not be a forge or a theater mode in COD4, the maps and presentation are more fun for our little Psyduck.

Also, during the holidays, Psyduck splurged on a smexy Bumblebee faceplate for his system — peep the awesome yellow color that matches his awesome yellow coat.



Next on Psyduck’s gaming horizon is Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and GTA4.

Stay tuned for more Psyduck goodness when he shares his thoughts on the Moleskine City Notebooks, more games, and, well, other stuff. Psyduck is full of psyduck stuff to share with his faithful readers.

Oh, in case you didn’t change your clocks this past weekend, do it now.

Psyduck is excited! Can you tell?


Why is Psyduck excited?

Psyduck is excited because his Moleskine blog from last week was featured on Moleskinerie, a very popular and informative Moleskine fansite/blog. Psyduck has been a fan of Moleskinerie for a long time and to be mentioned on that site makes Psyduck feel very happy. Just look at the joy in his eyes.

In other news, Psyduck finally got his Xbox 360 back and has been busy playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat. Psyduck was going to start with Halo 3, but after Psyduck played the Call of Duty beta last month, and after learning that COD4 has a much shorter single player campaign than Halo 3, he knew that he’d play that game first and then move on to Master Chief. However, Psyduck will probably not spend too much time online in Halo 3 because there are just too many smart-ass punks like Ash and Misty ruining playing that game. Instead, Psyduck will be calling in air strikes in COD4.

Today, Psyduck wants to spend a few minutes on one of his favorite hobbies: video games. That’s right, when Psyduck is not writing in his Moleskine or eating generous helpings of Collon, he’s focusing his beady Psyduck eyes on the TV and playing teh games.

Of course, when people learn that Psyduck is an avid gamer, the first question is always, “do you play Pokemon?” Yes. Psyduck plays Pokemon, but because he grew up on the set, he doesn’t play it as much anymore. Instead, Psyduck spends most of his time with the new crop of systems like the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Psyduck also enjoys portable games like Harvest Moon for the DS and GTA for the PSP.

Psyduck occasionally fires up the PS2, though as of late it’s been hibernating. Still, Psyduck is considering the PS2 again to try out Odin Sphere. The game has received overwhelming reviews and it would be interesting to step back into the 2d gaming world after spending the past few years in 3d . Psyduck loves awesome graphics, and even though some of the sweetest visuals can found on the current crop of consoles, one can’t discount the beauty that is Odin Sphere. Perhaps Santa Psyduck (no relation) will leave the game in Psyduck’s stockings.

Another game Psyduck is itching to try is Mass Effect. The reviews have been pretty positive on this title, too, so Santa Psyduck might have to pick that up with Odin Sphere. Psyduck doesn’t normally play RPGs, but Mass Effect seems to really push the envelope of what an RPG can do, so curiosity is really getting the best of Psyduck.

Other than that, Psyduck is really looking forward to playing games he already owns but can’t play because his Xbox 360 is following the footsteps of the writers’ strike and is picketing with the Red Ring of Death. Sadly, Psyduck has gone through multiple consoles in recent months, and has been unable to play some of the choice titles of the fall like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. Needless to say, Psyduck has very special feelings for Microsoft and the Xbox, but blogging about those feelings will have to wait until Psyduck is finished with his therapy and can write more than five words without swearing. After all, this is a family blog and Psyduck tries to refrain from colorful sailor language.


Xbox Red Ring of Death Return # 452: A game comes in and an Xbox goes out.

Call of Duty 4 is at the top of his list of games to play when the console returns. Master Chief and the world of Halo 3 is a must, too, but there aren’t any knives or dogs in Halo 3. COD4 has both! Don’t ask. Some things are better left unanswered.

With all these great games out, Psyduck wonders why other companies still try to compete during the holiday rush. A game like Blacksite: Area 51 will probably get overlooked by most gamers, but if it was an early fall or early spring release, it would’ve fared better. What are these companies thinking? Psyduck not know.

By the way, what do you guys think about Halo: The Flood? Psyduck has mixed feelings about all this.

Psyduck doesn’t want to spoil you with two blogs in one day, but he did want to let you know about a funny site he ran across the other day.

It’s called Halol and it’s all about the lighter side of Halo 3. Even if you’re not into Halo, or video games, or laughter, do yourself a favor and peep the site to see something new and have a few good laughs. You can find it at


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