Psyduck is proud to present the very popular and very cool Punisher Car Blog. You’ll have to excuse the delay, as it’s quite cumbersome to type with flippers. Anyway, for those of you who haven’t visited my page in a while, Psyduck had the pleasure of chillin’ in L.A. earlier this summer, and some of his (mis)adventures have been chronicled for this blog.

Should I part this to the left or to the right?

So Psy noticed that people in this west coast city love them some automobiles. Walking in L.A.? Yeah right, nobody walks in L.A., except the tourists.

Beavis called. He wants his feet back.

And while Psy loves to peoplewatch and to take pictures of random strangers, he decided that while he was in this car town, he’d spend some time carwatching. Unfortunately, his first outing yielded no results. Strange, but true.

Hmm. Lots of trees; no cars.

Undeterred, Psy went to a local hangout to learn more about these mechanical beasts.

Rims not spinnin’? Something up in your grill? Git yo’ ass to the car spa n’ chill.

After his visit at the Car Spa, Psy had the 411 to go out on his own. His first stop? One of the local freeways.


Watching the cars from a distance was okay, but Psy really wanted to experience freeway thrills firsthand. So he borrowed some wheels from a friend and promptly tore up the road.

Proudly held together with duct tape since 1979.

Psy’s speedy ride prompted much jealousy and envy from fellow drivers. Even this clown was ready to trade in his ride.

Wow! Just like Outrun!

Tommy Vercetti loses another cell phone.

After a few miles of racing, Psy let the old man win.

Hey, where’s the girl? Did she fall out somewhere along the way?

Besides, he had to let him go. After all, the geezer had to chase down his stolen chairs

Who said musical chairs aren’t hot anymore?

Sadly, the freeway fun had to come to an end, so Psy hit the surface streets in search of more cars. What luck! Psy hit the car jackpot within minutes. Just look at the luxury Psy found.

Old-school pimpness

The Fast and the Furious circa 1941. Grandpa sold separately.

New-school pimpness

Starring in a rap video near you.

Totally stoked on the pimp rides he saw so far, Psy was ready to wrap up his day and go home. As he turned the corner, lady luck threw him another surprise. There, in front of his beady, blank eyes was a car officially “pimped” by the gods of West Coast Customs. Huzzah! The one, the only: the Punisher car.

Sexy from the left.

Sexy from the back.

Sexy from the right.

Psy was overjoyed. First order of business: take pictures of himself next to the car

Skull by day, Grievous by night.

It’s one thing to be next to the car, but a real enthusiast would do more. Thus, it was time to one up the challenge and sprawl on the car itself. So risking life and wing, Psy casually wandered closer to the car and did this:

Oh, to live dangerously.

Mr. Psyduck > Mr. Badd Guy

After the encounter with the Punisher car, it was time to call it a day. As Psyduck sat back to ponder the day’s events, he found a seat facing the street. Ahhh…beautiful cars, how I love thee.

Bow down to Psyzilla.